Questions to Ask When Searching for Ob/Gyn Specialists

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The advice of Stanley Angus MD has hopefully already helped you choose the right Ob/Gyn specialist for you, but once you think you’ve found the right one there are still questions you’ll want to be prepared to ask just so you can make sure.

In order to be confident that you’re choosing a trusted and reliable Ob/Gyn like Stanley Angus MD, here are some of the questions you’ll want to ask your possible physician to ensure they’re the right fit.

What insurance do you take?

Unless you’re looking to pay expenses out of pocket, figuring out the insurance plans your Ob/Gyn takes and exactly what services will be covered under your plan should be important factors in your final decision. Once you’ve found a physician that you believe fits all your other criteria, ask them the simple question of ‘What insurance do you take?’ If they take your plan then ask what percentage of the services you’ll receive will be covered.

Where is the practice located?

“Location, location, location”—it’s a common phrase that’s used when making many types of decisions in life and it certainly applies to picking the right Ob/Gyn. The last thing you want to do while you’re pregnant is travel farther than you have to for high-quality prenatal care. If you’re seeking care for serious conditions such as infertility, you may need to visit your Ob/Gyn more frequently than others and it would be wise to pick a physician that has an office that’s easy for you to get to.

What hospital are you affiliated with?

Every Ob/Gyn has a specific hospital that they are affiliated with, and although everything else might check out with a certain physician, if they are affiliated with a hospital that doesn’t fit your needs or live up to your standards then you may have a problem. If you live in a more metropolitan area, there will be many more options to choose from than if you live in more rural area with fewer hospitals.

How many doctors will I see?

Every Ob/Gyn practice is a little different, but typically patients will have one main physician that they see unless something like an emergency visit occurs. Having a one-on-one personal relationship with their Ob/Gyn can be very important to some women, and if you think you might fit that mold, it’s important to ask what the general policies and procedures of the practice you’re looking at are. Simply ask how many different doctors the average patient sees over the course of their pregnancy and they should be able to give you an answer.

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